January 15, 2016


“Anthony Curcio captivated my team with his life story.   His rise and fall due to his battle of addiction is a story and lesson no one will forget.   We have had so many speakers come to address potential pitfalls for young men, but Anthony was the most impacting I have heard.   More importantly, I believe it will have the longest lasting impact.”

– Joe Smith (Linfield College Head Coach, Football)


“It was hard to get the students to leave.  Fantastic motivational presentation!”

-Bea Sawyer (BSU president and FW School)


“Anthony’s presentation is still being talked about by the students… and the staff.”

-Paul Nichols (Principal, Thomas Jefferson High School)


“In my 5 years of professional speaking, I haven’t seen a speaker have that kind of impact on an audience.  Flat out, that dude is impressive.”

-Trent Shelton (author, speaker and CEO of Rehabtime)


“This is the first time we have seen the kids so captivated by a presenter.”

-Travis Tilford (Police Officer, Federal Way Police Department)


“When Anthony was talking about how these kids have an opportunity ahead of them, one that he threw away, I was almost in tears.  So much passion and so effective.  He was born to do this.”

-Dane Batty (Author)


“Real and raw.  Exactly what they needed to hear.”

-DeAnna Kilga (Principal, Lake Washington High School)


“It’s been weeks after you left, and we still have students asking if you can come back.”

-Kristin Danielsen (teacher, The Center School)


“I remember recruiting Anthony while he was still in high school, he was a good kid with a good heart. Years later, I read about him and all that happened because of his addiction. Now that same kid with a good heart is using all he went through to help others from going through the same. Anthony connected with our players and our staff, and even stuck around to have lunch.  Wonderful experience.”

-Jay Locey (Chief of Operations, Oregon State University)


“You really got to them and they are still talking about you several days later!”

-Courtney Rollman (youth probation officer, Thurston County)



Student only feedback

“Hands down the best presentation I’ve ever had in my school career”

“I could have listened to him all day.  He doesn’t want anyone to experience the pain he did.”

“It was real, that’s what I liked”

“I went home and talked to my parents about everything he said. He opened our eyes to say the least.”

“He was awesome!!!!!”

“Anthony is a captivating and thought-provoking speaker who illustrates how our choices can derail our dreams. In telling his story, he illustrates how addiction can manifest itself in anyone if you continue to abuse substances of any kind. In particular, he highlights how the college social scene played a large role on his road to addiction, and cautioned us of its dangers. He encouraged and challenged our team to think about our choices in all phases of our lives and to cut out habits and people that would prevent us from achieving our goals.”

-Collin     SR Wide Receiver


“Anthony Curcio’s story was not only astonishing, but enlightening and potentially life changing. Something any student, parent, coach, athlete, team, and/or person needs to hear.”

-Brian    JR Defensive Tackle


More available upon request