January 15, 2016


“Former Bank Robber to Speak to Students About Choices”

Former football star turned armored car robber Anthony Curcio will be speaking to several Portland area college football programs this month, including Oregon State University.

A record breaking two sport athlete in high school, Curcio went on to play football at the University of Idaho.  During his sophomore season, he injured his knee and was prescribed Vicodin, which eventually led to a full blown addiction.  As this addiction progressed so did his involvement in criminal activities, including the robbery of a Brinks armored car in 2008.

Curcio’s robbery gained national attention as details were released regarding the elaborate heist of $400,000 outside of the Bank of America branch in the Seattle area.  For months, Curcio studied the armored car movements and his getaway.  He posted a Craigslist ad soliciting day laborers for a construction job.  On the day of the planned heist, he instructed them to wear a very specific outfit and to arrive at the bank parking lot at the time he was to rob the Brinks truck.

On Sept. 30, 2008, dressed exactly like the men he “hired” from craigslist, Curcio approached the Brinks truck, sprayed the driver with mace, and took the bags of money.  He then ran to a nearby creek where he had previously setup a cable pulley system to carry him and the money upstream in an inner tube to a waiting getaway vehicle.

However, Curcio did not get far thanks to a tip from a very attentive homeless man who had witnessed a “dry run” weeks before the crime.  This tip eventually led to Curcio’s arrest after federal agents were able to link him to the crime using DNA evidence. He was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison.

While in prison, Anthony co-authored a book titled “Heist and High,” which tells the story of his once promising life and the downward spiral that followed his addiction – including spending nearly 7 months in solitary confinement during his prison sentence – where he found himself and what he believes, his purpose. Since his release from prison, Curcio has been speaking to youth at middle schools, high schools, colleges and even jails, warning as many as possible about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

“I can’t change the person I was, but I can decide who I want to be today. I believe that if I can help just one of these kids from taking the path that I took, then this might all just have had a purpose.”




If you are interested in having Anthony speak at your school or event, please use the contact form on the front page.  You may also email Anthony directly at: anthony@acurcio.com

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