January 15, 2016



Drug and Alcohol Prevention

My addiction began in high school with what I then perceived as innocent use of alcohol on the weekends after games. This was a gateway to marijuana, cocaine and painkillers, until I completely spun out of control. When I was growing up, the “D.A.R.E.” program was everywhere, and although the intentions were only to help prevent addiction it had a conflicting and confusing impact on my decisions. Reflecting back on law enforcement’s “do drugs once and they will kill you” approach after I experimented with drugs and realizing that they didn’t kill me. In fact, it was initially the opposite, they made me feel good.
This realization brought about doubts to anything that I had heard during these programs since they must not have known what they were talking about. However, there was one important thing I was missing. That short time that drugs made me “feel good” was actually the hook, but by the time I realized this, it was too late.

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“Former Bank Robber to Speak to Students About Choices”

Former football star turned armored car robber Anthony Curcio will be speaking to several Portland area college football programs this month, including Oregon State University.  (Article from the Oregonian 2016)

A record breaking two sport athlete in high school, Curcio went on to play football at the University of Idaho.  During his sophomore season, he injured his knee and was prescribed Vicodin, which eventually led to a full blown addiction.  As this addiction progressed so did his involvement in criminal activities, including the robbery of a Brinks armored car in 2008.

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“Anthony Curcio captivated my team with his life story.   His rise and fall due to his battle of addiction is a story and lesson no one will forget.   We have had so many speakers come to address potential pitfalls for young men, but Anthony was the most impacting I have heard.   More importantly, I believe it will have the longest lasting impact.”

– Joe Smith (Linfield College Head Coach, Football)

“It was hard to get the students to leave.  Fantastic motivational presentation!”

-Bea Sawyer (BSU president and FW School)

“Anthony’s presentation is still being talked about by the students… and the staff.”

-Paul Nichols (Principal, Thomas Jefferson High School)


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The Center School, Seattle

North Chicago Community High School, Illinois

University of Idaho, Moscow

Big Picture High School, Bellevue

Lake Washington High School, Kirkland

Rose Hill Middle School, Kirkland

Oregon State University, Corvallis

Marquette Senior High, Michigan

Denny Youth Detention Center, Everett

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If you are interested in having Anthony speak at your school or event, please use the contact form on the front page.  You may also email Anthony directly at: anthony@acurcio.com

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