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Anthony Curcio's story and message has been featured in GQ Magazine, Esquire, Fox News, CBC Radio, GMA, ABC's 20/20 and many others.


A different kind of "educational" consulting. One that helps ensure that students are alive to use theirs.
Drugs. Alcohol. Friends. Bullying. Gangs. Choices. Dreams.

We go about our lives – meeting “requirements” – and focus our teaching and resources on business, history, science, math... What good are these classes, if the choices that are made outside of class, end up killing them before they are able to apply any of this knowledge? “No one really ‘gets it’ until it happens to someone they know. Then all of a sudden they ask the questions and get proactive.” WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE THAT POINT. There are many consultants and many speakers that have the ability to “connect” and truly save those few that are listening. Anthony is just one of them. “Without a doubt he is changing lives. It is impossible not to notice the difference with some of these students, even months later. He has the ability to bring people into his story as he’s telling it. He talks about their friends, how they treat others, choices, consequences and dreams. They were able to relate to his successes and to his failures. He is using his story to tell a powerful message. That is the brilliance of Anthony Curcio.”

  • U.S. Takes 80% of worlds prescription Drugs

    But only makes up 5% of World's population

  • Every year over 65,000 U.S. Drug/Alcohol Deaths

    33% more U.S. lives stolen than the entire Vietnam war

  • The number one killer

    Stealing 1% of lives before they can reach 24

  • Zero % chance in saving lives if we don't try

    We CAN do something.


"It was by far the most captivating and eye-opening story I have ever heard. He was funny, he taught us all so much and I've noticed a big change around here, with everyone really. Mostly though, I liked Anthony because he was just real. " - Tyler R., Junior Defensive Tackle, Willamette University

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